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Jordin Jackson

Sickle Cell Warrior

I am an 11 year old little girl that lives with sickle cell.  Sickle cell changes my normal, round red blood cells into cells shaped like crescent moons.  Normal round blood cells move easily through our blood vessels, taking oxygen to every part of our bodies.  My sickle cells sometimes gather together and block oxygen from getting to the most important parts of my body, like my lungs, blood and organs.  I experience unimaginable pain when this happens.

Not only do I suffer from severe pain when my blood cells are blocked, but my disease will leave me with long-term damage to her organs, muscles and bones.  I know I will spend my life battling through pain, infections, and anemia due to sickle cell disease. I will spend many of nights in the hospital like I have since before I was 1 years old.  

Dealing with sickle cell everyday is not easy for me. I have developed a lot of other complications due to the disease. When I am not dealing with complications from my sickle cell. I love to hang with my older brother and sister. They do not have sickle cell disease like me but they do carry the trait. I love to ride horses, go to Disneyland, and to have lots of playtime with my sister.

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