Jordin's Journey

True Champion


Your 2016-2017 CMN California Champion Ambassador

Jordin  served as the 2016-2017 Champion Ambassador for California.

Throughout the last 9 years of Jordin’s journey through life, Jordin has relied on the warmth and care of the nurses and doctors at CHOC Children’s Hospital. CHOC is a children’s hospital that belongs to the Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals (CMN Hospitals). CMN Hospitals is special non-profit organization working solely to help sick children raising funds for children's hospitals and medical research. CMN works mostly from donations that go directly to local hospitals. 

Every year CMN chooses one child from each state to represent all of the CMN Hospitals in that State. It is our honor and joy to announce the 2016-2017 CMN Hospitals Champion for California, our very own Jordin Jackson. It has been nearly 10 years since CHOC Children’s patient has been chosen as a CMN Champion for California. 

As a patient at a CHOC Children’s Hospital, Jordin has benefited so much CMN donations. From heat packs to help her cope with serious pain episodes to the blood and bladder scanners during her hospital admissions. As a CMN Champion, Jordin will be able to give back by taking every opportunity to educate and create awareness for all that CMN has to offer as well as personally show why donations are so important. Jordin and her family will also be able to create so much awareness for sickle cell by sharing Jordin’s story, which is a huge part of Jordin’s Journey. 


Check out Jordin as a Champion

See Jordin in action on one of her Ambassador tours. Click on her star to see the video!



It is such an honor for Jordin and her family. They have worked so hard with Jordin’s Journey to create awareness and raise funds for sickle cell and CHOC Children’s Hospital. Please keep Jordin in your thought and wishes as she continues her journey as a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital’s Champion for California. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and journey with us. To learn more about CMN Hospitals and the champion program please visit CMN Page