Jordin's Journey

Who is Jordin's Journey?



Jordin’s Journey was created by Jordin's mother. In October 2011 Jordin's parents were made aware of a much needed machine. At that time Jordin was hospitalized at CHOC, because of pneumonia and acute chest syndrome.  Acute chest syndrome is caused when the sickle cells gather in the lungs.  It is common in patients with sickle cell disease and is one of the most common causes of death in people with sickle cell.  The machine that was needed to test Jordin was not available at CHOC Children's. They had to send Jordin's blood to the Children's Hospital of Oakland and would not receive the results for a week. In the meantime the doctors had to go ahead and treat Jordin as if she had acute chest. Thanks to the doctors at CHOC she was treated and released by the time her results came back. After getting home Jordin's mother did not want another parent or her family to go through this again. She decided to reach out to her  friends and family. She had a select group that she was aiming for and without hesitation they all accepted to help. That was the day that Jordin's Journey was born. The name came from Jordin's aunt Kim, who was eager to get started. With 6 members they created a plan and started fundraising for the machine that was needed. 

We are proud to say that Jordin’s Journey raised the funds needed to secure the machine in November of 2012, Thanks to our amazing donors and volunteers who helped us. The machine is now up and running in the CHOC lab and has been since 2012. 

After creating Jordin's Journey we had to keep going. We have now decided to presue becoming a non-profit to raise awareness and educate individuals on the disease. Please join Jordin and Jordin’s Journey, to secure a better treatment for all children suffering from sickle cell and help raise funds for Children's Hospitals in Southern California. 



Jordin's Journey is cared for by

Jordin's mother, godmother, 

aunt, cousin, and family friends. 

We could not do this without their teamwork and dedication.